Therapy Tips: Zentanle

Therapy Tip: Zentangle

Zentangle is an intentional doodling exercise I teach to clients. It is fun, relaxing, and simple to do, and it helps with enhancing focus/ mindulness, regulating (di)stress, and strategic transitions between parts of our days to name a few. No artistic talent required! (You can google for other Zentangle designs or use the ones I demo.)

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Therapy Tip: Life Pie

Here is a very helpful tool that I often have clients try out when they are really feeling overwhelmed, or out of sorts, or off course, for example. It is simply creating a visual representation in the form of a pie chart of how we spend our days, and it can help build insight and gain perspective. When we pie graph what our days look like, we can see how full our days are, what we are filling our time with, and what is missing. Getting it out of the brain and onto paper can help us determine whether what we see there represents how we would choose to live and helps us decide what shifts to make going forward.

The steps are quite simple:
(1) Draw a 24 hour clock.
(2) Chart out how you fill a day in your life.
(3) Look at what is there and what isn’t there that you wish was, and the quality of life overall.
(4) Ask yourself, “Knowing that I will one day die, is this how I choose to live?”
(5) Decide if you need to make changes and, if so, what that would look like.

**If doing this feels like too much for you in any way, seek professional support to help.**

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask, and if this and the other tools I showcase appeal to you and you are thinking about a new counsellor, please consider scheduling a session or a consult with me.

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