Our Team of Clinical Counsellors

"Counselling is a safe space to cry, laugh, to be heard, and to reflect. Counselling is an opportunity to resolve and leave behind the past, envision the future, to create action plans, to pick up tools, to experiment, and to practice new behaviours and ways of thinking. I find much enjoyment in life now. The lows in my past allow me to experience profound joy and gratitude, and for that, I am grateful. And I would like to pay it forward as a counsellor."

~Sarah Susswein, MC, RCC



  • Neurodiversity (ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Giftedness, Trauma, Executive Function, etc.)

  • Children & Youth (Ages 7+)

  • Trauma, Phobias, Anxiety

  • Approved ICBC Provider 

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"I meet people where they are at and work collaboratively with my clients to achieve their goals because I have seen how having a supportive therapist can make someone's world feel safe and manageable. The therapeutic relationship I build with my clients in session is the foundation to experiencing life differently."

~Ashley Gossen, MC, RCC


  • Adult Anxiety, Stress & Burnout (ages 19+)

  • Depression & Mental Health in people 50+ 

  • Work-Life Challenges/ Workplace Mental Health (particularly with Health Care Professionals)

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"I help people change their lives for the better, no matter where we are starting from. From people who are really caught deep in the struggle with depression or anxiety, to folks who are doing pretty well and hope to further enhance and build on what they already know - I believe if you are human, therapy is a good choice because life can always be better, and counselling can help you get there."

~Thea Megas, MC, RCC