Thea Megas Counselling


If you are facing depression, anxiety, burnout, stress, panic, lack of purpose, or general mental health and wellbeing concerns, therapy can be lifechanging. Simply put, life can always be better, and sometimes we all need a bit of help getting there. Thea Megas (Registered Clinical Counsellor) is supportive and proactive in using evidenced-informed methods to educate and empower clients. By using customized treatment plans, she will help you shift toward a more fulfilling, enjoyable, and balanced life.

Evidence Based Strategy

Customized Treatment Plan

Empathic & Validating Approach

Collaborative Process


Thea continues to provide counselling by video conferencing or phone ensuring safe and accessible care. 

Additionally, Thea now offers Wednesday in-person appointments with COVID safety protocols in Port Moody, BC.

Navigating life's difficulties and supporting you. 
Thea specializes in the following areas (check back soon to see more details about each area). 

Stressed Woman

Anxiety, Stress Management,

& Panic

We all have some anxiety and stress; let's work to manage yours.

Man with Mobile Phone




Depression is our system's way of telling us to slow down, seek safety, or hide - let's see if there are some more helpful ways to interact with the world.

Businesswoman with Mask

Burnout &
Work-Life Alignment


Does it feel like there aren't enough hours in a day, or that you are stretched too thin or off track with your life? There are some excellent tools to address this.

Virtual Conference


Virtual Therapy

All sessions are by phone or secure online video, and research shows this can be as effective as in person, but is far more accessible.

Committed to your life feeling better, whatever that means for you. 
Thea has helped many people make sense of personal life challenges and find ways to address difficulties. Her collaborative approach, training and expertise, and genuine care will help you identify and address whatever is holding you back in life. Her combined background in management, the corporate world, and worldwide executive mental health coaching, extensive work in social services non-profit agencies, and her own lived experience as a working mother, business owner, and a fellow human have given her a very balanced understanding of Anxiety, Depression, Burnout, Perfectionism, Life-Alignment (purpose-finding), Balance, and Wellbeing to help you in your life.